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Damascan King of the road

Friday, February 5th, 2010

“Damas” was on the ancient road from Mesopotamia to Egypt and survived thanks to the trade route for centuries. This vast country is still spanned by long “good quality” roads without internal air travel. The car is the king. Even Bedouin park cars and trucks next to their traditional tents. Doesn’t camel have enough cylinders?
Syria is home to hundreds of classic American cars: Pontiac, Fords, Dodges are not unusual to see! There is no shortage of fuel – this is no access to spare parts and owners have learned to adapt bits and pieces found in the car graveyards of Europe to keep their eight cylinder monsters on road.
Syrian history goes right back to the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron ages. There is so many civilizations that that you can twist your brain trying to separate the Hitties from Ghassanites, the Omaygads fron the Mongols and the Arameans from the Akkadians. The list of cultures is endless.
We are definitely coming back to discover diversity of this land.

Amerykanskie bryki w Damaszku